Party of Five

I have been thinking about writing a blog post on a movie for a while now- first, it was Frozen 2 (something about vocational discernment and entering the unknown), then Little Women (Jo’s line in the attic about women being more than a face/ romance), heck, I even debated CATS (a movie everyone hates because... Continue Reading →

Di la Verdad

Spanish has BY FAR been one of the biggest unexpected struggles I have faced since moving here to Tucson. Please allow me to expand on the fact that a week in Mexico did not help. I’m going to be frank in this blog post that my white privilege comes out a lot when I get... Continue Reading →

“Thankful for the Desert”

"Thankful for the Desert" Not DESSERT, but the desert. As we went around the circle and shared what we were thankful for, this answer floored me. Since being in Tucson, I have yet to have found the love and appeal of the desert. I miss grass, trees (that aren’t palm trees), and right now- I... Continue Reading →

Detention Center Round #1

  Do you wanna go on a field trip, my placement supervisor asked me.  I mean I can, I said. To where? Knowing full well that I actually had a full week of work that had piled up and I shouldn’t really be prioritizing this trip after missing all week in Colorado. However, we needed... Continue Reading →

Flash Blog #1

Disclaimer: This is a flash blog written in ten minutes based on a prompt by our site coordinator, Alison Wood.  Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. "According to the PCUSA church you are in Mission service, what does that mean to you?" I have struggled a lot with what it means to "do mission".... Continue Reading →

what is the RISK

I have always been a girl that loves her board games. Board games, card games, I LOVE games. I usually have a knack for winning and playing games is sometimes the only time my competitive side shows. Especially, if it’s a game I am used to winning, like Disney Scene- It or Rummikub. Then there... Continue Reading →

Eating My “Humble” Pie

This past Sunday, I attended church at Trinity Presbyterian. At first, I came in with a negative attitude. This wasn’t Calvary. This wasn’t the small, cultured, and hometown church that I fell in love with this past year. The guest pastor that was speaking was a very quiet woman who was hard to hear and... Continue Reading →

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