Eating My “Humble” Pie

This past Sunday, I attended church at Trinity Presbyterian. At first, I came in with a negative attitude. This wasn’t Calvary. This wasn’t the small, cultured, and hometown church that I fell in love with this past year. The guest pastor that was speaking was a very quiet woman who was hard to hear and... Continue Reading →

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Different Years, Different Experiences

A month before I left Asheville, I made a decision to do a second YAV year. It was in no way an easy decision. As soon as spring hit, I began to think seriously about the options that laid ahead of me for the next year. I was supposed to have been using the whole... Continue Reading →

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Detention Center Round #1

  Do you wanna go on a field trip, my placement supervisor asked me.  I mean I can, I said. To where? Knowing full well that I actually had a full week of work that had piled up and I shouldn’t really be prioritizing this trip after missing all week in Colorado. However, we needed... Continue Reading →

Flash Blog #1

Disclaimer: This is a flash blog written in ten minutes based on a prompt by our site coordinator, Alison Wood.  Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. "According to the PCUSA church you are in Mission service, what does that mean to you?" I have struggled a lot with what it means to "do mission".... Continue Reading →

what is the RISK

I have always been a girl that loves her board games. Board games, card games, I LOVE games. I usually have a knack for winning and playing games is sometimes the only time my competitive side shows. Especially, if it’s a game I am used to winning, like Disney Scene- It or Rummikub. Then there... Continue Reading →

Tribute to a Man I will Miss

**For confidentiality purposes the names have been left out of this post. Instead of assigning a fake name, out of respect for the deceased, his family, and his legacy, I have opted to leave out names entirely. Yesterday, as I was on my way to the RITI overnight, I got a call that one of... Continue Reading →

2019 Catch Up

19 or 20 things that have happened so far in 2019... 12/31 Spent New Year’s Eve (9pm- 3am) @ Fun Depot riding Go Karts, playing mini golf, and enjoying bonding time with Sarah, Brittany, and Erin 1/4 first trip to Montreat helped Blake out with a YAV recruit and ate with YAVA's in the area... Continue Reading →

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